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Melanie Franklin, Founder, Continuous Change Community and Director, Agile Change Management Limited

Melanie Franklin

Founder, Continuous Change Community and Director
Agile Change Management Limited


Whatever project you are involved in, your success relies on your ability to generate interest, enthusiasm and participation from people who are already busy with their own work. So how can you become a world leading persuader?

Melanie will deliver a whistle-stop tour through a range of “neuro-hacks” using how the brain prefers to work to help you generate the engagement of all your stakeholders, and ensure they willingly collaborate with you. She will give you a chance to practice a couple of them, and get you to think how you could apply them with your stakeholders.

Melanie will share practical ideas, and she has written a quick guide to influencing and persuading techniques that will be available to everyone at her presentation. She will also be available throughout the day for 20 minute one to one surgery sessions, so if you want one of these sought after spots, email her at with a brief description of your challenge/idea you want to discuss.

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Melanie helps make change a reality, by supporting staff at all levels through the transition from existing structures and processes to new ways of working. She understands the psychology and neuroscience of change, and applies this learning to creating safe, no blame spaces where people can express their shock and anger about change, and explore its impact on their day to day work, their relationships with colleagues and their long term career plans.

Melanie is highly qualified and very experienced, using the experience of many change initiatives to build her understanding of the emotions triggered by change, that she uses to create help and guidance for all those impacted. She is a Chartered Management Consultant, Chief Examiner for the Agile Change Agent certification, was Co-Lead of the Change Management Institute UK and now founder of the Continuous Change Community. Respected author of many text books and articles on project, programme, portfolio and change management.

Previous roles include CEO of a consulting and training organisation, Director of Global Transformation Programmes, Global Head of Business Continuity and Crisis Management and Head of Project and Programme Management.

Ivan Lloyd, CEO, Edison 365

Ivan Lloyd

CEO, Edison 365

How can the PMO deliver better outcomes for the business?

It’s no secret that the remit of the PMO is growing. Time, quality, and cost are no longer the only elements that the PMO needs to grasp. For projects to be successful, they must align with the business strategy and bring measurable benefits to the organization. It is time for the PMO to expand its reach into the world of strategy definition and innovation and finally adopt a successful approach to benefit realization.

Join Ivan, CEO at edison365, as he offers insights into how PMO teams are perfectly placed to evolve and become true strategic enablers. He’ll also dive into how you can close the gap between your PMO and Innovation teams.


Ivan is the CEO at edison365 and a respected expert in innovation delivery, project management excellence and business case development. He helps edison365’s clients drive innovation into their core business processes and delivers projects that provide transformative value to their organization.

Gero Renker, Founder of Program Framework

Gero Renker

Director, Program Framework

Power Up Your Projects with Microsoft Cloud

If your organisation has deployed Microsoft Cloud, then you have the opportunity to apply the amazing capabilities of the Microsoft platform to transform Project Portfolio Management.

This presentation will illustrate how it can be done: Using a variety of feature demos we will show how services such as Power Apps and Power BI in combination with work management tools such as Teams and Project can be applied to transform your world of projects.

Topics we will cover include:

  • Qualities of the Microsoft’s Power Platform that no 3rd party PPM tool can offer
  • What working in Microsoft Teams can look like for projects
  • Various integration and automation examples
  • How people could use a variety of tools and methodologies, but still feed data into central dashboards
  • How you can get going with minimal investment

If you are caught up with disconnected spreadsheets or 3rd party PPM tools that don’t integrate, then this session is for you – learn how to do more with the Microsoft platform you already own.

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Gero is a co-founder of Program Framework, a consulting firm who transform project organisations with the help of Microsoft Cloud solutions for Project and Portfolio management.

Built in the Power Platform, their Power Framework solution delivers advanced PPM capabilities deployed in your Microsoft cloud.

Find out more at

Christopher Pond, Commercial Director, CPS

Christopher Pond

Commercial Director, CPS

Supporting Project Success with Microsoft 365

Microsoft provides tools that help individuals, teams and organisations deliver work, projects, and programmes. Information in a single repository enables insight and visibility across your portfolio of work.

Whether you are planning, managing, and delivering projects or taking a strategic top-down approach, Microsoft has tools to support your ways of working.

I am going to show how you can benefit from process supporting technologies that can save time and differentiate your organisation from the competition. Leveraging your investment in Microsoft 365, reducing costs and the need for 3rd party applications.

Microsoft Project for the web + Power Platform + Power BI + Viva Goals.

And while technology can help you, I will also discuss the journey you need to consider, whether you’re at the start or have already begun.

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Christopher has 25 years of experience in Project Portfolio Management. Experiences range from advisory services to deployment and training. He now focuses on delivering CPS’ objectives to help customers of all sizes innovate and transform their business.

Stuart Easton

Founder and CEO, Transparent Choice

Holy Smoke. Did you know, there are Superheroes in the PMO?

Make the PMO your organization’s superheroes by unlocking the power of Effective Prioritization:

  • Align projects with strategy, something 61% of company’s struggle with
  • Boost project success rates by over 50%
  • Eliminate the 20% of your portfolio that is waste
  • Stop over-loading with Too Many Projects by making “No” a positive
  • Make Value Delivery your core governance KPI

In this fun and interactive session, we will show you how to battle your nemeses – Corporate Politics & The Magic Spreadsheet – by unleashing the powers of Decision Science & Collaboration.

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Stuart Easton is the founder and CEO of TransparentChoice. He is on a mission to help PMOs deliver successful projects. A guest lecturer on project prioritization at the University of Oxford, Stuart also speaks at various PMO conferences and events. His talks usually focus on how PMOs can deliver strategic value, identify waste and eliminate pet projects.

Niraj Mistry

Director of Client Services, The Anywhere Company

Going Agile helped my business… and messed it up at the same time.

10 years on and the results are in – Agile is here to stay. However, it’s clear it has not worked for every situation. In this talk, Niraj will explore the challenges that so many organisations struggle with in their transition to Agile. He will show you the strategies and techniques you can implement today to transform your business into a digitally led powerhouse.

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Niraj Mistry is Director of Client Services at The Anywhere Company. For the last 14 years, he has been helping organisations achieve exceptional project outcomes. Some of the UK’s largest companies are using Niraj’s approach to deliver business changes that are highly effective and long lasting. His passion for technology and simplicity has helped The Anywhere Company turn customer relationships into strong partnerships.

John Greenwood

Risk Management Associate, AECOM

Risk Management: More than Just a Risk Register

Risk management is becoming ever more important in the preparation, planning, and delivery of programs and projects, as clients demand greater certainty (or an understanding of the uncertainty) of delivery times and costs.

Tools and techniques used for risk management have progressed over the last decade or so, moving the practice of risk management on from the probability/impact diagrams of old, with the availability of cheap computing power capable of performing sophisticated analyses of delivery plans.

John will outline the three main objectives of risk management, and provide an overview of how the risk management processes support delivery of these objectives, and discuss their integration with the wider project controls disciplines.

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John Greenwood is a Risk Management Associate at AECOM. He has just completed setting up the structure and capability for enterprise-wide risk management on a significant overseas project, and continues to support risk management at project and program levels in the UK.

His approach to risk management is informed by his previous experience in delivering projects and programs, and in running recovery interventions in challenged business.

His strong preference for using measurable, defensible, quantitative techniques will become apparent from his presentation.

Delivered by leading trainers, coaches and professional development specialists this Zone will focus on the various opportunities and training initiatives available to PM professionals to enable them to advance their careers.

All attendees are eligible to attend these FREE presentation sessions which will be delivered from open zones within the exhibition hall.

Learning & Professional Development

Adrian Dooley presenting at Project Challenge Expo Sept 27th 2022

Adrian Dooley

Lead Author of the Praxis Framework

Overcoming the barriers to effective implementation of good practice

There is a wealth of information available that explains good practices that increase the chances of project and programme success. However, too many projects fail to live up to expectations. Evidence suggests that organisations find it difficult to implement this good practice to good effect.

In this presentation we will examine the barriers to effective implementation of tried and tested methods and techniques, and discuss ways of overcoming them to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of organisational project and programme management.

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Speaker Bio

Adrian Dooley has had a 44 year career in project management. He has served on the Council of the APM and is a non-executive Director of APMG-International. He was a founder of the first independent project management magazine and ran a training and consultancy company for 25 years. Adrian has consulted with many of the UK’s largest companies and gained an insight into the barriers that stop organisations implementing good practice. He is now the lead author of the Praxis Framework that seeks to break down those barriers and make a real difference to project delivery worldwide.

Dr Ian Clarkson presenting at Project Challenge Expo September 2022

Dr Ian Clarkson

Practice Director – PPM, QA Ltd

Project Sponsor: What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (William Shakespeare).

Whether you call the role a Sponsor, or an Executive, or a SRO (Ian has heard all three terms used interchangeably), the name does not affect what the role really should be. Drawing on his experience of working with many different organisations on developing the Sponsorship profession, Ian will take you through the key knowledge, skills and behaviours Sponsors really need to perform the role effectively.

Speaker Bio

Ian is a highly experienced consultant, author, trainer and speaker with over 20 years’ experience in project management, and programme management (PPM), organisational change and learning – working with organisations in all sectors.

Ian was an author of the APM Body of Knowledge (BoK) 6, a member of the Reference Group for PRINCE2 6th Edition, and a member of the Global Review Group for MSP 5th Edition. Ian was on the technical advisory board for the development of the Level 4 Apprenticeship in Project Management, and also for the update to the APM suite of certifications. Ian is a regular contributor for Project Manager Today Magazine, and APM and PeopleCert blogs, and the APM Projecting the Future initiative. Ian has published over 100 articles, blog, papers on project management.

Ian is passionate about helping organisations improve PPM delivery, and encouraging the next generation of PPM professionals. When he’s not helping organisations transform Ian reads the latest articles and research on the topic. Maybe he should just get out more instead!

Daniel Nicholls presenting at Project Challenge Expo September 2022

Daniel Nicholls

Research Manager, Association for Project Management

Exploring Artificial intelligence in Project Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has potential to become a significant tool for project professionals when delivering projects, but what impact does it really have? This year, APM have launched not one, but two new complementary reports which explore the topic of AI in project management. Our session will provide insights on the benefits and limitations of AI for the project professional and will take a look at ‘defensible’ factors that cannot be fully replicated or substituted such as the principles and values of human project managers as revealed in our ‘Can AI learn to be a project professional?’ research, led by the University of Manchester. The session will also highlight how AI can support project planning and can enhance decision-making and problem-solving by exploring the findings from ‘AI in project management’, led by Southampton University.

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Speaker Bio

Daniel Nicholls manages APM’s research programme, which aims to advance the art, science, theory and practice and project management. This includes commissioning and developing research studies, having oversight of APM’s Research Fund, research promotion and dissemination, building relationships with academic stakeholders and leading on research impact. Prior to working for APM, Daniel previously worked as a project practitioner leading projects for the University of Bedfordshire, the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and GFirst – Gloucestershire’s Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

Fabian Valente presenting at Project Challenge Expo September 2022

Fabian Valente

Project Management Consultant, MatchWare

Mind Map your WBS to Project Success

This presentation will focus on how you can utilise mind mapping technology and techniques. Fabien will discuss the benefits of Mind Map theory and why it is useful in communication and planning.

Mind mapping is an effective method to use in requirements gathering sessions and the construction of the WBS (work breakdown structure). When mind mapping is coupled with technology it simplifies the process and enhances communication.

Mind mapping has traditionally been presented as a tool for planning and organisation, an effective way to develop, organise, and present multiple facets of the project plan. Primarily used for the construction of the WBS, advanced uses of this technique also simplify the complex process of communicating the project plan.

Fabien will explain the mind mapping theory and how that theory can be applied to business analysts and project managers. He will also demonstrate best practice techniques in mind mapping and how it relates to technology.

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Speaker Bio

In his role as project management consultant for the company Matchware, Fabian Valente has been working for years to help project managers improve their project management with software tools.

As a Prince 2® certified project manager and regular speaker for the GPM in Germany he shows how the synthesis of MindMapping and Software facilitates the project management process. Implementing his methods into the project managers toolbox creating a seamless process from project inception, through planning and controlling.

His hands on approach during his talks transforms PM theory into an easy to apply method for all kinds of project managers.

Ketan Patel and Olivia Chalmers presenting at Project Challenge Expo September 2022

Ketan Patel and Olivia Chalmers

Change Management Institute

Embracing conflict – Why leaving the “elephant in the room” can be so damaging to change initiatives

Ever been in a meeting where a key decision needs to be made and despite reservations around the room everyone just agrees with the boss!

It’s more common a situation than you think and sadly it is the result of our fear and discomfort with our ability to handle confrontation.

In this session we will look at some of the outcomes when disagreement and dialogue are avoided. How that plays into change which doesn’t deliver value, often is stifled, protracted and at risk of failure. And what steps we can take to become more comfortable with points of potential friction between individuals and teams so that we can deliver change which is better supported, carries less risk and has a higher likelihood of being delivered and sustained.

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Speaker Bios

Ketan Patel

Ket is a Change Management Institute Accredited Change Manager Master practitioner. He has over 20 years of hands-on experience leading change and transformation within Financial Services, Technology Services and Consulting industries. Ket has a passion for taking lessons identified from projects, industry and personal experience and helping others find ways to apply them to help ensure change benefits are realised, change resistance is minimised and change is adopted and sustained by focusing on the health and wellbeing of all those impacted by change.

Ket is UK Collaborations Lead for the Change Management Institute – a professional body dedicated to establishing and promoting best practice in the delivery of change. In his role he works to build relationships with industry bodies and academia, raising awareness of the Institute and promoting good practice in order to progress adoption of change practices. His other area of interest is social media and facilitating discussion that help the profession to challenge their beliefs and understanding to deliver the best outcomes for those impacted by change.

Olivia Chalmers

Olivia is a qualified Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Practitioner and hands-on APMPMQ Project Manager with skills and experience in identifying improvements and implementing changes in a structured, sustainable and output-driven way. She is an energetic facilitator of Change, specialising in Process Improvement and Change Management with experience within Finance, Procurement, HR and Engineering / Operational teams.

Eileen Roden and Lindsay presenting at Project Challenge Expo September 2022

Eileen Roden and Lindsay Scott

House of PMO

Solving PMO Challenges with PMO Leadership

There are many challenges that today’s PMOs in organisations face – adopting multiple delivery frameworks such as Agile and DevOps; embedding good practice that gets real results such as resource management, benefits management and risk; supporting the improvement to delivery capability through an increase in maturity and development. There is the ongoing debate about how the PMO really impacts the success rates of portfolios, programmes and projects, the ‘adding value’ conversation. Each challenge, to have every chance of being overcome, relies on a strong, knowledgeable and skilled team, working together, and moving in the right direction.

Each team needs someone to provide that direction, the vision of how and what that PMO will be.

In this session, Eileen and Lindsay from the House of PMO give insights into PMO Leadership and share the latest Inside PMO Report focused on what leaders in PMO do to meet the challenges of their organisations today.

Download Presentation

Speaker Bios

Eileen Roden

Eileen works with Boards, Executives, Sponsors, Project Managers, Project Teams and PMOs to improve their programme and project delivery capability. Her approach ensures that a pragmatic approach is taken to programme and project delivery, grounded in research and best practice, tailored to suit the culture and maturity of the organisation. She works across a wide range of industry sectors including transport, defence, financial services, pharmaceuticals, defence, utilities and the public sector.

Eileen has 15 years practitioner experience in a variety of project management roles (predominantly PMO management) along with IT and functional HR roles, with a variety of UK, EMEA and global responsibilities. Her practical experience is supported by both academic and professional certifications including a Masters in Applied Project Management (with distinction), AIPMO-E, PRINCE2®, MSP®, MoP®, Managing Benefits®, Better Business Cases®, Programme and Project Sponsorship®.  She is now a Consulting Director of PMO Learning and co-founder of the House of PMO.

She is the author of P3O® Best Management Practice and lead author of the PMO Competency Framework, co-author of Knowledge Management in a Project Environment, along with contribution to many APM publications.  She is a frequent conference speaker throughout UK and Europe.

Lindsay Scott

Lindsay has worked in and around project management and PMO for 20 years and is a Director at PMO Learning; Co-Founder of the House of PMO. She’s also a Director at Arras People, the project management recruitment specialists.

Lindsay is also the co-author of the PMO Competency Framework, editor of the Handbook of People in Project Management and PMI’s careers columnist in PM Network magazine. She speaks regularly on project management and PMO careers topics – and provides 1-2-1 coaching.

Case Studies & Expertise

Chris Henson, Head of Customer Success Representatives and Tom Davies, Senior Solutions Consultant, Cora Systems presenting at Project Challenge Expo September 2022

Combining PPM with SPM for end-to-end visibility

With the triple threat of supply chain disruption, global inflation and political instability, it’s more important than ever for enterprise organizations to know exactly where they are. When your supply chain is disrupted, and unfortunately, it’s ‘when’ rather than ‘if’, and parts or materials end up being delayed, all sorts of knock-on effects can mount and multiply.

Your costs go up, the project is delayed, and you get paid late. So, your working capital is depleted, and the figures you can use for forecasting and planning go down. So, your accounts suffer, because revenue recognition is deferred, and your ability to compete and plan for new business is hampered.

So more and more, businesses are relying on sophisticated software to centralize all their data and integrate the different processes they use. But it’s not enough to focus exclusively on the granular visibility you have to have into each individual project. You also need that 30,000-foot, bird’s-eye view into your portfolio. And to have the ability to experiment with scenario modelling, to better understand how best to deploy your resources and manage your capacity.

Chris Henson and Tom Davies, from Cora Systems, will explain the importance of being able to view your business through both a PPM and a SPM lens. So that whatever happens across your supply chain, you’ll be able to react promptly, and will already have prepared for it.

Download Presentation

Speaker Bios

Chris Henson, Head of Customer Success Representatives, Cora Systems

Chris is the Head of Customer Success Representatives for Cora with over 10 years’ experience in Account Management, for both Enterprise and SME clients, across IT implementations, Managed Service, Transformation Projects and Software Implementations. A valuable team leader and a consistent customer advocate for Cora, Chris takes great satisfaction in building long term relationships which foster trust and ensure customer satisfaction.

Tom Davies, Senior Solutions Consultant, Cora Systems

Tom is Cora’s Senior Solutions Consultant with over 8 years’ experience engaging with clients across various geographies and industries, including: M&E, Healthcare, Pharma and Public Authorities. Tom works with organisations to understand key industry and organisation-specific issues, and present viable solutions to senior and executive members. Tom is a member of the British Computing Society (BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT), has qualifications in PRINCE2, ITIL and has completed the Leading Strategic Projects Programme provided by Saïd Business School & University of Oxford.

Kevin Cahill and Nicholas Smith, Birmingham City Council, Sam Graber, CPS presenting at Project Challenge Expo September 2022

Birmingham City Council improves services by managing a transparent project pipeline through visualisation and reliable data solutions

Birmingham City Council with CPS reflect on their challenges for portfolio visibility and their journey to implement Project for the web/ Delivery Hub.

Project for the web allows key stakeholders to see progress with complete visibility across projects, meeting the increased pressures and demands to deliver better quality and availability of data. Ultimately, enabling a seamless handover process and adapting to changing roles and environments.

Operating with a complex web of interrelated and interdependent departments and organisations, local governments crave creativity and flexibility with their tools; listen to peers from Birmingham City Council and our CPS colleagues as to how they made this happen.

Speaker Bios

Kevin Cahill, Senior Delivery Manager at Birmingham City Council

Kevin Cahill has been a Project Manager and Senior Delivery Manager within the IT&D Department of Birmingham City Council (BCC) for four years. His focus is Workflow Throughput for about 800 Operational Delivery Projects per year.

Nicholas Smith, Senior Application Support Manager at Birmingham City Council

Nicholas Smith has been a Senior Application Support Manager, for Information and Digital Technology, with Birmingham City Council (BCC) for the past five years. His remit includes ‘ownership’ and management for over 300 on-premises and in-Cloud Applications and support for a wide variety of BCC Business and Citizen objectives.

Sam Graber, Professional Services Director at CPS

Sam has over 18 years of experience in the Portfolio, Programme, Project and Management (PPM) arena, supporting customers with their PPM delivery and associated technology solutions. Sam has extensive experience driving organisation-wide change and digital transformation across all verticals.

At CPS, Sam now focuses on leading a team of Professional Services specialists delivering business applications, modern workplace, cloud, infrastructure and security solutions and services. All whilst ensuring the associated processes and governance are in place to ensure maximum benefits are realised.

Lloyd Norman to speak at Project Challenge Expo 2022

Lloyd Norman

Vice President Strategic Solutions, Tempus Resource by ProSymmetry

Deploying Resource Portfolio Management to Drive Value Flow

The biggest challenge in delivering portfolios is managing the resource pipeline, so that value flow is optimised, and the enterprise is equipped to adapt to new challenges and opportunities at speed.

We may think Agile has cracked this particular nut but, in fact, 56 percent of projects fail to deliver the original goals and business intent fully – even in the Agile landscape (IPMA, 2020). Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) offers an intelligent approach to future-proofing the portfolio, by moving beyond individual team sprints, through release trains, and into the business of bringing “work to people” and “people to work”.

Mix in Adaptive Resource Planning, and you’ll start to change the game. In this session, Lloyd will demonstrate how the right approach to resource planning brings instant, enterprise-wide visibility across all resource interdependencies.

Join Lloyd to explore how a powerful mix of “what-if” scenario modelling capabilities can equip project managers, portfolio managers and PMOs to anticipate any resourcing scenario and make crucial commitments to sponsors with confidence. Lloyd will walk you through the techniques you need to get there – and demonstrate the value of Enterprise Resource Planning to the business, its people, and its customers.

This lively session will be delivered by Project Challenge Expo 2022’s Platinum Sponsor, Prosymmetry, a Gartner Cool Vendor and industry leader in resource management for hundreds of companies including multiple Fortune 5oo companies worldwide. ProSymmetry is the company behind Tempus Resource, the purpose-built Enterprise Resource Management solution offering unmatched resource planning value, powered by decades of industry experience, and constantly evolving to meet tomorrow’s resource planning challenges today.

Download Presentation

Speaker Bio

Lloyd is the Vice President of Strategic Solutions at ProSymmetry. Prior to joining ProSymmetry, Lloyd directed the Resource Management Office at a top 50 financial institution, where he architected an Enterprise Resource Planning ecosystem that continuously aligned strategic project, agile initiative, and operational work with vital delivery and governance resources.

Lloyd has over 25 years of experience delivering value in RMO & PMO leadership roles, as a managing partner in a technology professional services firm, and as a consultant with IBM.  As an entrepreneurial leader, Lloyd has consulted with clients in a variety of industries including banking, aerospace, health care, DOD, manufacturing, oil and gas, and technology. Lloyd spent 5 years on the Resource Management Institute Advisory Board, has LPM, CSM, PMP, RMCP certifications, and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.

Veijo Hytti, CEO, Keto Software

Veijo Hytti

CEO, Keto Software

The fourth destroyer is around the corner. How shall we survive?

First the tiny little virus arrived killing people and businesses. We came out more united and survived. Then Russia attacked Ukraine, the yellow/blue innocent independent country. The western world united and has been helping the victim. Thirdly we are facing the highest inflation in decades due to these crises. There will be a fourth destroyer among us: recession, energy crisis and even central bank crisis. Is there anything else than innovation and development that can save us? How does this relate to project management and our professional world? We have seen only negative surprises…but we can hope for positive surprises as well.

Speaker Bio

Veijo joined Keto Software in 2015 as a COO, and is currently acting as a CEO. Prior to this, Veijo worked in key roles in various fast growing companies in Finland and has acted as an investors in a few of them. Veijo has a diverse understanding and knowhow of brands, marketing, design, digitalisation and good food and wines. Veijo’s passion and dream is to enable the growth of Keto Software to become one of the leading software companies in Finland.

Jeffrey Goldstein, Managing Director, Queue Associates Worldwide presenting at Project Challenge Expo September 2022

Jeffrey Goldstein

Managing Director, Queue Associates Worldwide

The Hybrid Approach: Combining Agile & Waterfall Approach for successful software implementation

Should Project Managers choose the Agile development method over the Waterfall approach simply for its popularity? Worried that your project requirements align with neither methodology? The Hybrid Approach, which is considered problematic by purists around the world, might be just what your implementation team needs.

Join Jeffrey Goldstein, Managing Director, Queue Associates Worldwide and ERP Implementation Specialist for an informative session outlining the benefits of combining Agile principles with the rigid Waterfall methodology.

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Speaker Bio

Should Project Managers choose the Agile development method over the Waterfall approach simply for its popularity? Worried that your project requirements align with neither methodology? The Hybrid Approach, which is considered problematic by purists around the world, might be just what your implementation team needs.

Join Jeffrey Goldstein, Managing Director, Queue Associates Worldwide and ERP Implementation Specialist for an informative session outlining the benefits of combining Agile principles with the rigid Waterfall methodology.

Ross Garland, Associates and President P3GQA presenting at Project Challenge Expo September 2022

Ross Garland

Associates and President P3GQA (the P3G Qualification Authority)

The P3G Quiz!

We all agree that project, programme and portfolio governance (P3G) is important. Therefore, as project people, we’re agreed that we need to understand it. And be able to identify what’s wrong if it isn’t working


Do we know enough about P3G to do that? There’s only one way to find out and that is to take the P3G Quiz! The quiz asks questions on many of the aspects of P3G and the answers will help shine light on this darkest of arts. There will be a prize for the best result on the day. Good luck!

Download Presentation

Speaker Bio

Ross is a thought leader in the governance of projects, programs and portfolios, or P3G. He is the co-author of the recently released Project programme and portfolio governance – P3G. (published by the TSO) He has also delivered white papers on P3G for the UK Cabinet Office. Ross is the President of P3GQA, the newly established qualification authority for certification in P3G. Ross has designed, reviewed or implemented P3 governance frameworks for numerous organisations and billions of dollars of investments are governed using the principles developed by him.