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The Change Awards – a loud celebration of the ‘non-existent profession’


Margo Waldorf, founder, The Change Awards

The Change Awards united global change and innovation leaders under one roof on 25 April this year at the magnificent Drapers’ Hall in the City of London. This iconic venue served as a fitting backdrop to celebrate the ‘non-existent’ profession that has silently supported all industries and sectors for the past half-century. 

Some 270 individuals from across the globe united behind the banner of facilitating and driving positive change and innovation, demonstrating the value of change in practice and the potential this developing profession offers. The spirit of cooperation and shared learning was a cornerstone of the event, with the conversations mainly oscillating around the rapid development of emerging technologies, their practical impacts and the pressure on leadership to take decisive action.  

With prominent representatives from a wide range of organisations such as Pfizer, Wipro, NHS, BAE Systems, BBC, British Antarctic Survey, Astellas, AtkinsRealis, NFU Mutual, BP, HM Passport Office and more, the event’s recognition of the vital role of change professionals was almost palpable. It also powerfully showcased the perseverance of many individuals who champion human-centric change and orchestrate strategic implementation of innovation globally. Silent no more.  


Long live change and its vibrant community! Will you join us next year? 


About the Change Awards 

Change Awards is an independent award scheme held to recognise exceptional examples of change, innovation and business transformation globally. Our purpose is to recognise people, teams and organisations that have made a significant difference in driving and facilitating change in their contexts. Our mission is to represent and support change professions by promoting best practice, providing ongoing education and influencing and recognising the management of change as a key component of progress. We are open to global entries from individuals and organisations.

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