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PRINCE2 7 – making best practice project management even better


Markus Bause, Product VP, PeopleCert, on the latest developments in PRINCE2

The project management landscape has undergone rapid evolution in recent years, accelerated by technology innovation, sustainability imperatives and economic volatility. To thrive in these turbulent times, project leaders need adaptable, customisable, modern frameworks that empower teams to achieve business objectives and create value. This is where updated best practice frameworks like PRINCE2 7, launched by PeopleCert, come in. 

As the world’s leading project management methodology, PRINCE2 unveiled its newest iteration in 2023 to better serve professionals navigating the projects of the future. What sets PRINCE2 7 apart is its heightened focus on critical success factors like people, flexibility, digital capabilities and sustainability.

What is PRINCE2? 

PRINCE2 is a versatile and widely recognised project management method, serving as a compass for project managers, ensuring they are well-equipped to lead successful projects in an ever-changing landscape.

First launched in 1996 and with seven editions to date, PRINCE2 is a structured yet adaptable approach that can be applied to any project, irrespective of its scale, purpose, type, organisational setting, geographic location, or cultural context. It offers a practical, flexible, scalable, and repeatable methodology, providing step-by-step guidance on “how to” effectively manage projects and navigate the complexities of the modern project management environment. 

Why a new PRINCE2? 

In a world where the need for project management skills is escalating, with an anticipated demand for 2.3 million new professionals annually by 2030, PRINCE2 7 is a response to the dynamic shifts and growing complexities within the project management landscape. 

PRINCE2 7, launched in October 2023, brings an inclusive approach to project management – aiming to be accessible to anyone in any role requiring critical project management skills. The reduction of rules and emphasis on tailoring showcase a commitment to improved flexibility, ensuring that the method remains applicable to all projects across diverse sectors. This evolution stands as a testament to PeopleCert’s dedication to meeting market demands, staying aligned with best practices, and continuously responding to valuable feedback from the project management community.

What’s new or improved in PRINCE2 7? 

PRINCE 7 has been updated to reflect the modern realities of managing successful projects in the 21st century, incorporating the latest processes, tools, and technologies to stay ahead of the curve. 

  • Integration of people: In the midst of the evolving project management landscape, PRINCE2 7 recognises the pivotal role of individuals in project success. By integrating people management, the method acknowledges the changing dynamics within project teams, emphasising collaboration and skill harnessing.
  • Enhanced flexibility and customisation: Tailoring project management approaches to specific project needs is increasingly vital in today’s landscape. PRINCE2 7 facilitates greater flexibility and customisation, streamlining chapters and reducing rules while maintaining core elements. This ensures adaptability to the unique demands of projects in diverse sectors.
  • Embracing digital and data management: The digital age has reshaped how projects are executed. PRINCE2 7 equips professionals with digital and data management tools, acknowledging the transformative role of technology in project management. This ensures projects stay current, leveraging digital advancements for enhanced efficiency.
  • Sustainability matters: Sustainability has become a defining aspect of the contemporary project management landscape. PRINCE2 7 reflects this shift by adding sustainability as a core aspect of project performance. This aligns projects with environmental and social responsibility goals, addressing the growing emphasis on sustainable practices.
  • Enhanced compatibility: Collaboration is paramount in the evolving project management landscape. PRINCE2 7 seamlessly integrates with Agile, Lean, and ITIL, acknowledging the collaborative nature of modern projects. This compatibility enhances overall project performance by leveraging the strengths of various approaches.
  • Designed for all professionals: Accessibility is a key consideration in the current project management landscape. PRINCE2 7 simplifies language and content, making it accessible to everyone, from aspiring to experienced project managers to those who need critical project management skills to succeed in their roles. This commitment ensures that project management skills and knowledge are democratised across diverse professional backgrounds.

As project professionals face unprecedented disruption, PRINCE2 continues to evolve as a trusted resource and partner. By infusing people-centricity, tailoring, digitisation, sustainability and accessibility into its DNA, the updated framework equips professionals with the tools and knowledge to navigate projects in alignment with modern business demands. 

For more information, visit the PeopleCert website.