Change Management is Changing!

The past two years have been significant ones for all those involved in the management of organizational change. A new, clear benchmark has been established which defines professional knowledge in change management, a new and comprehensive professional reference text has been published, and the accreditation of change management professionals has been put onto a secure foundation.

The Change Management Institute is a truly independent global professional association of change managers with a membership in excess of 1000. As far back as 2008 the Institute worked with over 600 change managers around the world to identify what they actually do in their work. This led to the development of a competence model and an associated accreditation process for senior change professionals – the Accredited Change Manager (Master), or ACM (Master). This challenging accreditation is suitable for change managers with over five years’ experience of change management at a senior level. In early 2014 the Institute launched a new accreditation scheme aimed at change managers with 1-3 years’ change management experience, the ACM (Foundation). This new scheme has two requirements:

• a knowledge requirement, based on successful completion of suitable training, and
• an experience requirement, assessed against a subset of the competence model.

In early 2013 a strategic partnership was formed with the APM Group (APMG), seeking to develop a ‘body of knowledge’ for change management, identifying the underpinning knowledge required for effective practice as a professional Change Manager. This Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) was published in October 2013 under the title ‘The Effective Change Manager’.
The APM Group (APMG), which accredits professionals, was enthusiastic to align its Change Management qualifications with this new, clear statement of change management knowledge. As a result APMG supported the writing of a practitioner handbook, fully-aligned with the now-established body of knowledge. This new text, ‘The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook’ (Kogan Page, November 2014), is an excellent first reference for practitioners, and a source book which brings together for the first time all aspects of the knowledge required to practise effectively as a change manager.
From April 2015 APMG is delighted to announce the launch of new Change Management examinations, which will be available through its approved training organizations. These new examinations fully cover the knowledge requirements for the Change Management Institute’s ACM (Foundation) accreditation, providing successful candidates with a simpler route to personal accreditation, with only the experience element to complete.
The change management profession has grown to the point where there is a very large – and increasing – number of job postings that specify experience of change management. The new APMG examinations, underpinned by the Change Management Institute’s body of knowledge, provide an accessible route for those who want to work in this field.

To find out more come along to the Project Challenge Spring show 2015, and see us at stands 98/100/102. You can meet some of our training organizations there and discuss your options to get certified. Additionally, we are also hosting a Change Management 2015 networking event on 16th April 2015. It’s free to attend! See you there.
Author of the article: Richard Smith, Partner, Richard Smith Associates.
Press contact: Shruti Deshpande, Campaign Manager, APMG International